Divorce After Legal Separation : Still 6 Months?

Tim Blankenship here, divorce661.com. And this video’s specifically talking about, for those people who have gone through a legal separation case in California and have a judgment for legal separation and now want to file for divorce.

Keep in mind, if you do go through a legal separation, you still need to file for divorce at some point if you later want to divorce. The question was, Tim, we have a completed judgment for legal separation, do we, when we go through the divorce process, still have to wait the 6 months?

The answer is yes, you still have to wait the 6 months for divorce because that’s the cooling off period for the termination of the marriage itself. And that’s why there’s that 6 month waiting period for divorce versus legal separation.

So if you go through legal separation and then later go through divorce, you still have to wait the 6 months even though your property, children, and division of assets and debts is already being handled. This is for the status of your marriage.

That’s where the 6 months applies. Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com. Hope this video is helpful. Have a great day.