Do I Need Therapy During Divorce | Santa Clarita

Do I Need Therapy During Divorce | Santa Clarita

I’m not an advocate for therapy, in fact I don’t understand it.  Maybe it’s because I am a guy and guy’s don’t like to share.  I really don’t know.  But if you feel you might need a little therapy during your divorce you might want to check out what the folks over at Divorce Detox are doing.

I am not making any recommendations, I just happened across their blog and found it interesting and thought I would share a few of their links.

According to their website they have a Divorce Detox workshop that includes a workkbook, group texting, access to consults in between session and the Divorce Detox Survivial Kit.

I was interested in the divorce detox survival kit.  It says it is a must for anyone going through the divorce process who wants valuable, expert advice and tangible support to survive and thrive from divorce.

You get daily support, expert advice, resources, inspiration, as well as access to a nurturing community plus monthly group coaching calls.

It may be worth your time to peruse their site if you are considering getting some therapy during your divorce.

The majority of my clients most likely are not in need of therapy during their divorce as they are mostly amicable, uncontested divorces in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles area.  This does not mean that there is not some emotional grief, just that they are working towards getting through the divorce without involving attorneys.

Experts say that going through an uncontested divorce can have the least amount of emotional impact on divorcing spouses.  This makes sense as contested divorces means going through trials in court which only make things worse.

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