Filing For Divorce In Santa Clarita

Filing For Divorce In Santa Clarita

When people call me to ask about how to file for divorce in Santa Clarita, many are surprised to find out that Santa Clarita does not have a family law court room.

Even worse, the Santa Clarita Courthouse has even removed some services that they used to have and consolidated them with other courts.

The first thing to do when filing for divorce is to locate the divorce forms and learn how to fill them out.  We have prepared several how to divorce videos which you can watch on our website or on our divorce661 youtube channel.

You can also get access to the fillable divorce forms which makes it easy to complete your forms and make any necessary changes.  You can find those forms on our divorce legal resources page.

Once you have located the forms and undertand what forms you need to file for divorce, you just need to fill them out.  If you need assistance completing your divorce forms, you can do what most people, and give us a call to prepare them for you.

Once you have completed your divorce forms, you will need to find out what court to file your divorce forms in.  This depends upon where you live.  You can use our divorce court locator on our divorce resources page and insert your address or zip code and the divorce court locator will let you know which court it is appropriate to file in.

To file your divorce forms, you can either go to the appropriate divorce court, or you can mail in your divorce filing so you can be issued a case number.  Make sure to send 2 additional copies of all your paperwork so the court can mail back 2 copies to you.  One for you and one for you to serve on your spouse.

Please give us a call if you would like to find out more about our affordable divorce service.  We are Santa Clarita’s only licensed and bonded legal document assistant firm which specializes in the divorce process.