Going From Attorney Represented To Self Represented During Divorce

Going From Attorney Represented To Self Represented During Divorce

I have been getting a lot of calls lately from folks who are represented by an attorney and who have become frustrated with the lack of progress of their case and the amount of money they have spent to get nowhere.

It is true that attorney representation during your divorce is expensive.  What I preach over and over again is that only 20% of divorce cases ever need or use an attorney for their divorce.  80% of the divorces that are completed, neither side has used an attorney.  I did not make this up, this has been reported numerous times by attorneys and the courts own research.

But the question becomes, “How do you go from attorney represented to self represented during divorce?”

What I tell folks is that it is sort of a dangerous place to be where only one spouse is represented and the other is representing themselves.  What would be ideal is that both parties decide to represent themselves and go back to the kitchen table and attempt to work out their issues among themselves.

But where one spouse wants to frustrate the process or where one attorney appears to be pushing buttons to ensure that you never come to an agreement, it becomes a difficult process.

You are between a rock and a hard place.  Represent yourself to save money and risk being taken advantage of by your spouse’s attorney or keep your attorney and keep paying outrageous attorney fees.

When I worked at a law firm, I saw couples spend tens of thousands of dollars and accomplish nothing  more than further going down the rabbit hole and make no progress.  The only thing that knocked any sense into them is when they would get their bill from our law firm.

They would call to let us know they can no longer afford us and are going to try to work it out directly with their spouse.

Why didn’t they do this from the beginning?

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