How To Serve Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

We have prepared a series of videos on how to prepare your divorce paperwork and how to serve your divorce paperwork.

We discuss the process of serving divorce papers as described by the family law courts.  There are specific rules that you must follow when serving divorce papers in Santa Clarita.  One such rule is that you cannot serve your own divorce papers.

How To Serve Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

But the tricky part is knowing what forms to use, where to find them and how to fill them out.  Then, there is the issue of filing he proof of service with the cours.

We discuss the various forms that can be used to serve the divorce papers and why you would want to use one form over the other .

We also go into detail and fill out both the proof of service of summons and the notice of acknowledgment of receipt right on the video so you can see how we are preparing each of the proof of service forms.

As licensed and bonded legal document assistants that specialize in the divorce process in Santa Clarita.  We have years of experience getting folks through the divorce process which includes working for family law firms, the divorce courts and family law self help centers.

We hope that the videos we have prepared on how to complete the divorce forms helps those that are going through the divorce process in Santa Clarita on their own.  If you ever decide that you need our assistance, we would be happy to discuss how our affordable divorce paralegal service works.

If you need assistance locating any of the divorce forms including the proof of service of summons or notice of acknowlegment of receipt, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.