How To Work Towards Divorce Agreement | Santa Clarita

How To Work Towards Divorce Agreement | Santa Clarita

Just because you are filing an uncontested divorce, does not mean that negotiating the terms of the final divorce judgment will be easy.  As you are probably aware, just because your divorce is uncontested, does not mean you agree to every detail surrounding the terms of your divorce.

To come to a divorce agreement, you are going to have to site down and figure out what the issues are and then negotiate the terms of the divorce.  It won’t be easy, but spending the time at the kitchen table hashing out the remaining issues will be time well spent.

There are a couple of ways it has been recommend you can work towards your divorce agreement.

Face to Face Negotiation With Your Spouse

As I mentioned above, it may be as much as just sitting down at the kitchen table to determine what the issues are that need to be figured out and then work towards resolving them.  This will be one of the most cost effective and meaningful ways to get through the divorce issues.  It is also one which will bear the least amount of emotional stress.

It is not as easy at it may seem at first, dealing with emotional issues with a person you are trying to separate from.

Use A Friend Or Family Member To Help You Negotiate 

Have a friend or family member you both trust and could rely on to help you negotiate the terms of your divorce?  If so, this might be good alternative to a face to face negotiation alone.  Again, this would be another option that would probably not cost you much, if anything, to do.

Having this buffer present may be just what you need.  They could even be the one who writes down what you two agree to.  Sort of a neutral third party you could go back to if you had questions about what you actually agreed to.

The time spent attempting to work towards a divorce agreement on your own, might be some of the most difficult things you will have to do, but in the end will be a decision that leaves you in a better financial situation, having not spent countless thousands of dollars on attorney fees.

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