I Started My Divorce And Never Finished | Santa Clarita Divorce

I Started My Divorce And Never Finished | Santa Clarita Divorce

Just to put you at ease, if you started your divorce and never finished, you are among a large population of folks.

You have your reasons and whatever they are, they are valid.  Sometimes, things just get away from us. Or maybe things were fine the way they were and you just wanted to maintain the status quo.   For other people, there was nothing pressuring them to finish until they had to buy a home or met a new squeeze.  ( I can’t tell you how many calls I have had from the new girlfriend)

We have had people that have been separated for over 10 years and can’t even remember the date they were married.

Hey, we are not here to judge.  The courts are not here to judge.  And honestly, nobody cares.  It is called irreconcilable differences and California is a no-fault state.  That means the court does not care why you are getting divorced or what happened up to this point.

This was the case of the person who recently called me.  They had started the divorce back in 2008 on their own.  They felt they could do it on their own and submitted all the paperwork.  Then they received all the paperwork back from the court indicting they had made many errors.

So having just spent a lot of time trying to prepare their own divorce, when they got the paper back from the court they did not feel like dealing with it again, and besides, they were separated, living in different homes and in agreement on just about everything.  So they just dropped everything until another day.

It’s funny how fast time flys, and fast forward 4 years and now they want to finish everything up.  Remembering how much trouble they had the first time, they opted to hire our company to complete the divorce paperwor