Income & Expense FL-150 Must Be Filed When Minor Children

In this article we talk about required forms for your California divorce when you have minor children involved. In some cases you don’t need to file your income and expense declaration with the court, and in some divorce cases such as when minor children are involved, you will have to file your FL-150 income and expense declaration FL-150 with the court.

Income & Expense FL-150 Must Be Filed When Minor Children

This is kind of a follow up to a video I just recorded about not needing an income and expense declaration. In this video, I want to talk about when you do need your income and expense declaration and why.

FL-150 Required When Minor Children Involved In You Divorce

If you have minor children and you’re divorced, you’re going to need to prepare the income and expense declaration and it will need to be filed along with your judgment paperwork or at least within 60 days prior to your judgment being submitted to court so it’s at least 60 days fresh.

The income and expense declaration does need to be filed when you have minor children. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I have clients that hire us and say “Tim, we either have an agreed upon amount of child support already or they’ll say Tim, we don’t want there to be child support.”

FL-150 Required Even If No Child Support Requested

That’s fine. Either case is fine. The question becomes, if we have an agreement for child support and, or we don’t want child support at all, why do we have to prepare the income and expense declaration and file it with the court?

That’s a great question. The simple answer is, it’s just a mandatory form that’s required when there are minor children. You have to turn in the income and expenses. Both parties do when there are minor children.

Now, in reality, the rationale behind it is they want to look at the income of the parties to see what you guys are making and base it upon your custody schedule, the time share percentages to see if the amount of child support being paid meets the state minimum guideline amount.

You may be saying, well Tim, if there’s no child support requested and, or we have an agreement to a certain amount and that does not match the calculation, which is called a dissomaster, what happens?

Essentially, what we will prepare your divorce case whether you have a fixed amount of child support that you guys have agreed on, no child support or you just want to go on state guidelines, we will turn in a calculation that reflects exactly what you’re requesting.

Just keep in mind, the purpose of this video was if you have minor children, you need to turn in an income and expense declaration. It’s for the courts to review and make sure the standard of child support is being met for the minor children and that they’re being taken care of.

Tim Blankenship, I hope this video was helpful. Give us a call with any questions, 661 281 0266 or you can go to for more information. Thanks for watching.