Is Joint Custody BEST For Children : California Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging process, especially when children are involved. However, there is a growing understanding of the benefits of joint 50/50 custody arrangements for children.

This is a discussion with Leslie Holt who is a Co-Parenting coach and we explore her insights highlighting the importance of joint custody and the need for more research in this area.

Divorce Coaching: Focusing on the End Goal

Divorce coaching is a valuable support system that helps individuals navigate the complexities of divorce. Unlike traditional therapy, divorce coaching looks beyond the past and focuses on who one wants to become after the divorce.

It encourages individuals to envision their desired relationship with their ex-spouse and the type of co-parent they aspire to be. By working towards these goals, divorce coaching provides a guiding light during the challenging divorce process.

The Power of Joint 50/50 Custody

One of the key insights shared by Lesie is the significance of joint 50/50 custody arrangements. Unlike the traditional every-other-weekend visitation model, joint custody allows both parents to actively participate in their children’s lives. It promotes shared responsibilities, enabling a balanced approach to parenting.

Research suggests that joint custody can have a positive impact on children’s well-being, providing them with a sense of stability, love, and support from both parents.

The Need for More Research

Despite the potential benefits, there is a surprising lack of research on 50/50 custody arrangements. Leslie’s personal journey, having experienced the benefits of joint custody firsthand, has fueled her passion for understanding its impact.

Through her doctoral dissertation, she aims to collect data from adults who grew up in 50/50 custody arrangements.

By exploring their perspectives, she hopes to shed light on the long-term effects and the overall success of such arrangements.In addition to her research, the coach has authored a book that challenges the societal stereotypes surrounding single mothers. Titled “Not Mary, Not Roe,” the book addresses the experiences of those who don’t fit the extremes of the Virgin Mary or Jane Roe archetypes. It encourages individuals to find their place in the world, embracing their unique journeys and defying societal expectations.

Unlocking happiness for children during and after divorce is a vital goal for parents. The power of joint 50/50 custody arrangements cannot be underestimated, as they allow both parents to play active roles in their children’s lives.

However, more research is needed to fully understand the long-term effects of such arrangements. The work of divorce and co-parenting coaches, like the one discussed in this blog post, is essential in supporting families and promoting healthier co-parenting dynamics.

By striving for positive outcomes and challenging societal norms, we can create a brighter future for children of divorce.