Is Lack Of Money Preventing You From Divorce | Santa Clarita

Is Lack Of Money Preventing You From Divorce | Santa Clarita

Most people use my divorce paralegal service because of cost.  They want to save money and not pay for lawyers.  In addition, they feel that their divorce case will be uncontested and mostly amicable.  These are good fits for my service.

But despite the affordable divorce services we offer, studies show that many people stay married, although living separately, due to a lack of money which is preventing them from getting divorced.  Lack of money, that is, to get the legal assistance they need to prepare their divorce paperwork.

The study was done by Ohio State University who surveyed 7,272 people between 1979 and 2008.  Most of the people in the study who separated from their spouse reported getting a divorce within three years of separation.  The survey also revealed that 15% of people who separated did not get a divorce (and who wanted to) within the first 1o years.  The reason stated here was because it was too costly to get divorced.  Thus, they remained legally married for the sole reason of lack of money.

The survey state that people could not afford an attorney for their divorce.  Who can these days with hourly rates for divorce attorneys skyrocketing and the average billable hour being approximately $450.00 per hour.

Apparently these people who were surveyed had not heard about the affordable divorce legal services that we offer.  Legal Document Assistants such as we are, only exist in about 5 states and I am not sure if Ohio is one of them.

Californians are fortunate that Legal Document Assistants are able to work directly with the public without attorney assistance to prepare divorce paperwork.  We provide flat rates for our divorce service which makes getting a divorce a lot easier on the pocketbook.

If you are not getting divorced due the costs, please give us a call.  We can usually work out some type of payment arrangement so we can get the divorce process started for you.