More Divorce Form Rejection News | Santa Clarita

More Divorce Form Rejection News | Santa Clarita

I met a client to day who filed their own divorce in 2009.  They thought they did it all correctly however a few months after they submitted their judgment to the court, they received the entire package back in the mail.

This is called having your divorce judgment rejected and it is really upsetting to people.  They fill out all the forms and everything seems okay. Then your divorce is rejected and you get a laundry list of thing you did wrong.

Then, when looking at your divorce reject sheet, which is a pre-printed form with check boxes for the clerk to mark off what is missing or wrong,  you notice that the items they said were wrong, were things you filed in the very beginning of your divorce case.  Why didn’t they tell you then, you ask?

This is because it is not the clerk who stamps your forms to tell you that you did something wrong, even if they see it!

That is the problem with the divorce courts.  They allow you to represent yourself, but don’t tell you when you do something wrong, at least, not until the very end.

Imagine struggling to complete your own divorce ( or if you are reading this because you have, no imagination required).  You spend countless hours figuring out the forms.  You file them, serve them and eventually submit your judgment.  You think to yourself how much more free time you know have and are glad this is behind you.  So much time goes by that you forget about it and if you do, assume everything is fine.

Then, 3 months later (yes it is taking that long) you get everything back in the mail with a list of reasons why your divorce was rejected.  To say people are frustrated is an understatement.

A large portion of my client base calls me for exactly this reason.  They absolutely don’t what to attempt it again and are really glad they found our service so they can literally dump everything in our lap.

Go ahead and dump it on us.  That is what we do best.

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