My Birthday, Challenging Clients and Providing A Valuable Service

Yesterday was my birthday, but you wouldn’t know it.  It was just a regular day. I guess that is the way it has been and is when you are in your 40’s.  Son went off to school, daughter is off to college and the wife is off to work by 6 am and does not get home until 8 pm.

For me, I just ended up working, but was trying to take it easy.  The plan was to work a half day or remotely as I did not have any clients coming into the office.  I was hoping to go for a run and hit the gym, but in the end spent my day handling clients, new clients and having to tell potential clients they were not a good fit for our company.

It was not an overly difficult day, but I had to handle clients that we have had for a while that have just been super challenging.  Clients we just can’t make happy no matter what happens and tend to complain even when things are going well for them.  I am just glad these types of clients are few and far between because I get tired of being a punching bag and just because you paid us for a service does not give you a right to speak to people that way.  I do a pretty good job of interviewing our clients to make sure they are a good fit for us, but sometimes people slip through the cracks.

I also had to tell someone who was interested in our service that he was not a good fit for our company.  It started of with free phone consultation.  I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with him and we came up with a plan to prepare a request for order for him.  He later emailed and made an appointment.

The appointment was for yesterday at 10.  Around 8:30 I received and email from him saying he was canceling the appointment. No reason, just canceling. Then around noon he emails me again and is questioning the price I quoted him for our service and said it did not make sense, “and to explain it to him so it makes sense.”

This is a red flag for me right away.  I have dealt with people in the past who do not see the value of what we do and that makes for a poor relationship and never turns out well.  Folks who are not willing to pay for our experience and knowledge in our profession are always problematic, complain and take too much of my time.

So I cut him loose by responding to his email by explaining exactly that and advising him he was not a good fit for out company.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, we are the ONLY Corporately Registered Legal Document Assistant Company. One needs to be registered as a Legal Document Assistant to perform these functions without the supervision of an attorney.

There are other “paralegals” out here, but they are not registered or licensed as we are, to do what we do.

So if you want to roll the dice and work with someone who does this part time or works out of their home to save a few bucks, go right ahead.

But don’t be surprised when the results are poor and the service bad.