Not Appear Genuine But Be Actually Genuine

I really am sorry about all the political references.  But is seems that is all that is on TV these days.

Anyway, (my wife says the correct term is “Anyhow”), but Anyway, i just heard a comment on the news that said, ” As as politician, you need to “appear” genuine”.

Wait, can you use double, quotes?  Whatever..

But, for me that stood out.  “APPEAR GENUINE”?

To put on an appearance, doesn’t that mean to fake being genuine?

Okay, the point of this is that I, ME, Tim Blankenship am genuine in everything I do.  I am just me being be.  Good or bad.  Like me or hate me.  It is not for me to decide.

I just emailed a long time friend of mine, Connor MacIvor who does real estate here in Santa Clarita.  And who taught me much of what I know about online marketing…

I said, “Hey, Connor!, I just found out something interesting.  I have written over 1,300 articles, recorded over 800 videos and podcasts, and the only thing people are talking about is my camping trip.”

What I am referring to is the fact that my wife encouraged me to write about our family and just random stuff.  Even how I mow our lawn.

The funny thing is that more people relate to my personal blog that the infinite amount of amazing information I have written about divorce…. laugh out loud.

Anyways, I wrote about this more in the article previous to this.

I was just interesting to come across the mainstream media saying politicians need to “appear genuine”.

Just be genuine.  That is how i am.