How To Prepare Order After Hearing After Request For Order

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with, and in this video we’re talking about request for orders or when you ask the court for a temporary hearing to handle certain issues what the next steps are. So many times you’ll go to court on the request for order. This is when you fill out an FL 300, say you’re asking for spouse support or custody or something like that.

You’ll go to the hearing, after the hearing the judge will make certain orders. Now 2 things will occur. Either they will write the order there at the hearing itself or they will prepare what’s called a minute order and you will be required to prepare what’s called an order after hearing, and I’m not 100 percent why they go 1 way or another.

I think it’s just with the judges preference, but we see half the time they’ll have an order that will be made at court and the judge will draft the order, or the judge’s clerk will draft the order, and the other half the time we see a minute order, which isn’t an order per say. It’s not an order that will be followed basically is a partial transcript or just the clerks notes of what the judge said.

So if you go to a request for, if you go on a hearing and the judge makes orders and they do not write the order on the spot and all they have is a minute order. You’re going to need to get a copy of the minute order so you can then draft the order after hearing. Now for our clients who we send to court on the request for orders if there’s an order after hearing that needs to be prepared, we just need to get a copy of the minute order which the courts will generally produce within a few days of the hearing so we can see the language of the order.

And then as far as the order after hearing concerned we basically draft an order after the hearing that basically states what was in the minute order, and then both parties sign that and that becomes the official order of the court.

Tim Blankenship, If you have any more questions about request for orders or order after hears or what needs to transpire after you go to court, give us a call at 661-281-0266 or go to for more information. Thanks for watching.