Process Of Filing Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

Process Of Filing Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

If you are representing yourself during divorce and are going to file your own divorce papers, this article will explain the process on how to do this. First thing, you need to find the right divorce papers you need to complete in order to file.

These initial divorce papers are the first set of forms that you will take to the court to file so you can open your case and get assigned a case number. When you file your divorce forms, there is a certain way you need to have your forms.

The courts are very particular about how you prepare your forms.  first off, you can simply use the appropriate divorce forms by using the courts website to access the free fillable forms.

That way you will make sure to use the correct forms. Also, the forms need to be hole punched a certain way.  When the  courts file your forms, they use a 2-hole punch at the top of the form.  When you go to file, make sure that your original forms have the 2-hole punch.

Then have 2 copies of each of the forms you are filing.  One copy will be for your records and the other one will be used to serve on your spouse. You can watch this video where we go into more detail on how to file your divorce forms.

When your done, you should leave the court with 2 copies of what you filed.  They should all be “Conformed” copies, meaning they have been stamped by the clerk of the court.

The court will keep your original documents.  In most cases these first divorce papers must be personally served on your spouse. It is a good idea to keep a folder and organize your documents so you can easily locate them.

You will need many of your divorce forms that you originally filed when you go to prepare and submit your judgment. We specialize in providing an affordable divorce solution.

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