Raoul Felder King of Divorce Video | Santa Clarita

Raoul Felder King of Divorce Video | Santa Clarita

I thought it was appropriate to share this video of Raoul Felder who is a celebrity divorce lawyer and who just wrote a new memoir called “Reflections in a mirror: Of Love,  Loss, Death and Divorce.

Appropriate because we were just discussing the costs of divorce in a previous post.  He states that he likes representing the stars because they represent big divorce fees. He goes on to say how he charges $600 per hour and up to represent his divorce clients.

He says that “trouble is his business” has represented the divorce of Rudy Giuliani and has been accused by others of not playing fair and vilifying the other party to divorce.

Known as the “King of Divorce”, he has been married for 49 years and his wife is also a divorce attorney that works with him.

Even he says that it is better to settle in divorce.