Santa Clarita Divorce Document Preparation And Mediation

Santa Clarita Divorce Document Preparation And Mediation

Do you think you need an attorney for your divorce in Santa Clarita?  Odds  are, you don’t.  This is especially true now when you use both a divorce document preparation service and obtain professional mediation in Santa Clarita.

First off, when people call me, they think that divorce document preparation is very limited.  It is not.  Our divorce document preparation service can provide a wealth of information, explain the divorce process and help you understand exactly what it is going to take to get your divorce completed.

Many times people believe that if there are some disagreements about the terms of the their divorce that they cannot use our service.  This is incorrect.  In fact, we have helped many clients who had disagreements with their divorce come to an understanding and ultimately make agreements together.

How do we do this?  Through mediation.  While we are not a mediation service, we are able to help you set up free appointments with the courts to meet with the Courts mediators to help you come to agreements.  This is all part of the filing fee you pay when you file your divorce papers.  Why not use the Courts free services?  We will even help you set up  the appointment.

The mediation services through the court can be limited however.  Where they are not able to help you, you might be better served by the use of a professional mediation service in Santa Clarita.

We work hand in hand with a local divorce mediation service right here in Santa Clarita.  We send our clients to them to get assistance with coming to an agreement and once that is achieved, you come right back to our office to finish up the divorce paperwork.

This allows us to provide you with a much better level of service, knowing that if you hit some roadblocks on agreements with your divorce, that you can still complete your divorce with us.

It is our goal to get your though your Santa Clarita divorce without the need for attorneys.  This can be achieved by the using our Santa Clarita divorce document preparation service and, when needed, get the assistance of professional divorce mediation.