Santa Clarita Spousal Support Calculator

Santa Clarita Spousal Support Calculator

We try to make as much information available to our clients so they can make informed decisions during the divorce process.  Many times we are asked how spousal support works and how much they might have to pay or might receive.

Spousal support is generally determined by use of a Dissomaster report that attorneys and the courts use to determine this .  On a basic level, the amount of support you will have to pay or are going to receive is based on the income of the parties.

But how do you determined these amounts without going to court and without having to pay an attorney to prepare a Dissomaster?

I have located an attorney website that has done a good job of making it easy to estimate spousal support amounts.  The website says that the court uses a standard calculation to determine spousal support payments and that it should be used as an estimate only.  However, they do go on to say that they have tested it and it has produced results consistent with the calculators the court uses.

They have used the exact same mathematical formula so it appear that you will get a fairly accurate number.  Just don’t hold them to it.

What I liked about their spousal support calculator is that is was easy to use and you could get your spousal support figures in about 30 seconds simply by plugging in you and your spouses income and tax filing status.

The calculator is offered through Dishon & Block Divorce Attorneys.  You can access the calculator on the below link.  A new page will open up to the calculator.

Spousal Support Calculator

The title of this post says Santa Clarita Spousal Support Calculator and was mostly used for the purposes of the search engines.  This calculator is good for all of California as the family law courts in California all use the same Dissomaster system.

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