Saugus Divorce Legal Service

We are your local Saugus Divorce Legal Service located right here in Santa Clarita.

We specialize in providing affordable divorce services and are the only licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in the divorce process in Los Angeles County.

Additionally, we provide a 100% online divorce process.  You can complete you Saugus divorce from the comfort of your home.  No need to drag your kids to our office.

Want to meet with us?  No problem.  We use technology to bring our office to you by using services that allow us to share our computer screens with you so you can watch us prepare your divorce forms from you home, while speaking to us and answering our questions  so we can get your paperwork completed.

Because we only specalize in divorce in Saugus, California, we lead the way in experience.  We process more divorces than other legal document preparation services, because that is all we do.

Our experience in Saugus divorce comes from years working with family law attorneys right here in Santa Clarita as well as working with the self help centers at our local courts and completing internships with the Los Angeles County Superior Court system in their family law departments.

We have sat in the courtrooms and watched trials.  We have seen and understand courtroom procedure.  We have also worked in the Clerks office and understand the divorce process from the perspective of the courts.

If you are looking for an experiences divorce legal service that understands the divorce process front to back, give us a call.  We provide an affordable way to get through the divorce process in Los Angeles.

We serve all the courts in Los Angeles.  Please give us a call for more information about our legal document preparation service.