Santa Clarita Free Divorce Forms

Santa Clarita Free Divorce Forms

There are lots of divorce companies that will sell you divorce forms.  In fact companies make millions of dollars selling divorce forms which are completely free.  Ah, the power of the mighty marketing dollar.

We are trying to get the word out that the divorce forms are all available online at no cost to you.   We are doing this by making this video which is part of our entire divorce self help series which will explain how to access the free divorce forms and how to use them.

Santa Clarita Free Divorce Forms

In this video we show you where you can find the divorce forms and how to properly save them.  One of the most frustrating things about the online divorce forms is how to save them once you have completed them.

You see the free divorce forms are completely fillable online which means you can type right onto  them.  But there is a certain way you have to save them in order to keep the fillable information inside the boxes.  I don’t want to bore you with this process, but you will save a lot of time if you just read the next few sentences because it will save you from having to duplicate your efforts when filling out the free online divorce forms.

Normally when we save a document we will do a file – save as, right?  You can do this, and by all appearance it will seem as though you saved the form.  And you did, just that it will not save the parts you filled in.  What you have to do is use the “save this form” yellow button at the botton of the form, then save-as and you will be good to go.

The other thing to watch out for when using the free online divorce forms is that if you open another form before saving the form you were working on, you will lose all the information because the form will open in the same tab and completely replace what you were working on.

We are licensed and bonded legal documents assistants providing affordable divorce services.  Give us a call to discuss having us prepare your divorce paperwork professionally for you.

Santa Clarita Divorce Self Help Videos

Santa Clarita Divorce Self Help Videos

We are proud to bring an entire lineup of divorce self help videos to Santa Clarita and all of Los Angeles County.

Our divorce self help videos are a first in the legal self help industry.  To date, we have been the only legal document preparation service to prepare a complete series on how to complete the divorce process totally on video.

We cover every document and every divorce form there is to prepare your divorce yourself.  We chose to deliver this method of instruction as it would be near impossible to do it soley in print.

Additionally, there is plenty of divorce information on the internet these days, but most is hard to understand or not in an instructional format.

In our self help divorce videos we go into detail on each of the forms and discuss the divorce process.  We are not providing you with our way of doing things, rather we reference the California divorce website and use the divorce process as discussed on their family law website.

We will show you the divorce process as outlined by the California court systems them show you the forms on video and show you how to prepare the divorce forms individually.

Now while we are providing a free legal service, it is not without some benefit to us.  We do hope that you find the videos informative and valuable.  However, admitedly we are hoping to provide this divorce information and that some folks will seek our our divorce service to help them prepare their divorce paperwork and get through the divorce process.

We are licesned and bonded legal document assistants who specialize in the divorce process.  If you would like assistance in preparing your divorce, we are a great affordable attorney alternative.  Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our divorce assistance service in Santa Clarita.

How To Prepare Santa Clarita Divorce Response Form FL-120

How To Prepare Santa Clarita Divorce Response Form FL-120

Are you attempting to get through the  divorce process on your own?  Just so you know, you are not alone.  As much as 80% of those going through divorce do so without an attorney.

But where do you turn to for assistance when you need help?  We found that for those going through the divorce process alone the information is hard to come by even though there is lots of information about divorce all over the Internet.

In this video we cover how to complete the divorce form FL-120.  The divorce form FL-120 is the form you would use to reply to a petition for divorce.

To assist those going through the divorce process, we have prepared numerous videos on how to prepare the individual divorce forms.  We go line by line over the divorce form FL-120 and show you exactly how to fill it out if you were to file a response to your divorce action.

In this video we go over:

  1. Divorce residence requirements
  2. Completing your date of marriage
  3. Completing your date of separation
  4. Filling out the separate property section
  5. Filling out the community property section
  6. Requests for Legal Custody
  7. Requests for child visitation
  8. How to restore your former name

All of this and more are on the divorce response Form FL-120.  While the majority of the FL-120 are check boxes, you will want to know the significance of checking the various boxes on the divorce response form.

In addition there are several additional forms that can be attached to the divorce response form, especially if you have children.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in the divorce process.   If you would like to have your divorce forms professionally prepared by us please give us a call to discuss your specific situation so we can advise you on  how the process will work.

How To Complete Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita

How To Complete Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita

Nobody wants to go through a divorce.  But if you have to, don’t you want to save money?  I hate rhetorical questions too, but wanted to make sure that folks are aware that there are affordable divorce services other than hiring an attorney.

For those that decide to represent themselves in their divorce, usually it is do to one of 2 things. Either they don’t what to spend the money or they feel their divorce case is simple enough to do on their own.

Either way, if you plan on representing yourself during your divorce, look to the services of an affordable divorce paralegal service such as ours.

We have prepare numerous videos on how to represent yourself in court which goes step by step into the process of completing your divorce forms.  Make sure to check our our divorce video link at the top of this website to see all the “how to” divorce videos that we have created.

The divorce summons form is not very complicated to fill out.  Actually there are only a few lines that you have to complete.  The summons has a lot of language pre-printed on it that relates to the divorce process in general and about specific automatic restraining orders that go into effect once the divorce summons is filed.

In this video we go over the language in the divorce summons that spells out to the Respondent what their obligations are if they want to respond and that they have 30 days to do so, otherwise risk taking a chance that the divorce proceeds without their input.

Additionally, the divorce summons outlines what you can an can’t do and discusses what you are restrained from doing until the divorce process has concluded.  In the video we point out the importance of reading and understanding the restraining order language.    Make sure to watch the how to prepare the divorce petition video as well.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get divorced, please give us a call to learn more about our divorce legal document preparation service.

Complete Your Divorce Petition Video | Santa Clarita Divorce

So you want to represent yourself in your divorce, but you don’t know where to start.  Well, we have provided a complete divorce video series that covers the entire divorce process from start to finish.   In this video we will show you how to complete the California Divorce Petition which is form FL-100.

Complete Your Divorce Petition Video | Santa Clarita Divorce

We will show you how to complete each line of the divorce petition including where you can find free legal divorce forms.  We attempted to make the divorce videos some comprehensive that you could go through the entire divorce process on your own if you chose to.  Of course, if you are decide you want to have a professional legal document preparation service prepare your divorce forms, you know where to find us.

The divorce form FL-100 is one of the first divorce forms you will need to complete when filing for divorce.  The other first divorce form is the summons.  These two documents make up the minimum documents to file to start your divorce case.  Of course there are other divorce forms necessary to file if you have children.  We cover all those forms and more in our how to divorce video series.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm that specializes  in the divorce process.  That means that everything we deal with is related to family law.  We can handle motions, custody, visitation, child support and spousal support issues just to name a few.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get through the divorce process, make sure to give us a call to discuss using our services.  We would be happy to discuss the divorce process and our services at lengths to make sure you are comfortable and understand the process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How To Serve Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

We have prepared a series of videos on how to prepare your divorce paperwork and how to serve your divorce paperwork.

We discuss the process of serving divorce papers as described by the family law courts.  There are specific rules that you must follow when serving divorce papers in Santa Clarita.  One such rule is that you cannot serve your own divorce papers.

How To Serve Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita

But the tricky part is knowing what forms to use, where to find them and how to fill them out.  Then, there is the issue of filing he proof of service with the cours.

We discuss the various forms that can be used to serve the divorce papers and why you would want to use one form over the other .

We also go into detail and fill out both the proof of service of summons and the notice of acknowledgment of receipt right on the video so you can see how we are preparing each of the proof of service forms.

As licensed and bonded legal document assistants that specialize in the divorce process in Santa Clarita.  We have years of experience getting folks through the divorce process which includes working for family law firms, the divorce courts and family law self help centers.

We hope that the videos we have prepared on how to complete the divorce forms helps those that are going through the divorce process in Santa Clarita on their own.  If you ever decide that you need our assistance, we would be happy to discuss how our affordable divorce paralegal service works.

If you need assistance locating any of the divorce forms including the proof of service of summons or notice of acknowlegment of receipt, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.


How To File For Divorce In Santa Clarita

How To File For Divorce in Santa Clarita

We are Santa Clarita’s number one divorce document preparation service.  In fact, we are the only legal document assistant firm in Santa Clarita and only firm in Los Angeles to specialize in divorce.

We have provided a series of “how to” divorce videos to assist clients looking to represent themselves during their divorce.

In this video we discuss the process of completing the initial divorce documents so you can start your divorce case.  We go in detail on how to complete the divorce summons and divorce petition.  You can follow along and complete your divorce forms or just use as a reference.

We will show you what the different checkboxes are on the summons and petition and how to file the documents so you can get a case number.  There is an entire series of divorce videos that you can watch that will walk you through the entire divorce process.

If you would like to have your divorce professionally prepared and don’t have the time to watch each of these videos, prepare all your own documents and try to figure out the complex divorce process, we welcome your call.

We would be happy to discuss how our divorce document preparation service works and how we can take the burden off of you as we can take care of the entire divorce process from start to finish.

And if you attempted your divorce own your own and are not sure what to do next, we can pick up where you left off to make sure you make it through the divorce so you can move on with your life.

Please give us a call to find out about our affordable divorce document preparation services in Santa Clarita.  We serve all of Los Angeles County divorce courts.




Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

While there are many reasons why you may have to make a court appearance during your divorce process, there are a couple things you can do to reduce the chances of having to go to court.

I received a call the other day from someone who attempted to complete the divorce on their own.  They completed all the paperwork correctly, or so they thought.  One of the issues with the family law courts, is that there is nobody checking your divorce paperwork along the way.

That means that you can file your paperwork completely wrong and nobody will say a thing.  You can even forget to file certain paperwork or forget to serve paperwork, and again you won’t hear any complaints from the court.

That is until you submit your judgment for review.  You see, when you file a document with the court, the clerks only job is to stamp it and give you a copy.  They do not review your divorce paperwork or check to make sure it is correct.

The first time anyone will review any part of your paperwork is when you file the final judgment for divorce.

I know first hand how it works as I have been the one, on occasion, in the courts reviewing some of the judgments that come in.

We were always able to tell which judgments were filed by those who were not aware of the process and those done by professionals such as legal document assistants.

So how is this article about avoiding court?  Well, back to this person that called.  His judgment and divorce paperwork was done so incorrectly that the court sent him a notice asking him to appear in court.  Why?  Because they thought it would be unlikely that he ever get the paperwork right considering how bad the judgment was put together.

There are other reasons why you would have to go to court.  This may because you filed a True Default divorce case and did not evenly distribute the assets and debts.  This happened to another person I spoke with.

If you are representing yourself it would serve you well to use our professional divorce preparation services.  We have the experience it takes to complete your divorce paperwork correctly and submit your judgment so that it get signed off and you can move on with your life.


Look Up Your Divorce Case Summary | Santa Clarita

Look Up Your Divorce Case Summary | Santa Clarita

There are certain circumstances where you will need or want to look up your divorce case summary.

One of the reasons is to check to make sure the court has not placed any hearings on calendar.  Another reason is to make sure that the divorce court is properly filing the divorce documents you are submiting.  Additional reasons you would want to look up your divorce case summary is to see what documents that other party has filed.

However, probably the most important reason you would want to look up your divorce case summary is when it comes time to submit your final judgment.

The final judgment requires numerous forms to be filed with it.  The court will verify that you have filed and served all the appropriate documents at this time.  One way to help them verify is by submitting a copy of your divorce case summary and highlight the documents that are on the judgment checklist.

A practice of ours is to also provide copies of the filed documents so they can quickly see that the documents have been filed and saves them time from having to look through your file to verify if the documents are truly there.

You will want to do everything you can to help the court with the judgment and avoid any chance of having it rejected.  If the judgment does get rejected you will have to correct  the errors and resubmit it.  This means that you are looking at approximately another 2 months before your judgment will be signed off on.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm in Santa Clarita and specialize in the divorce process in Santa Clarita.


3 Steps To Divorce | Santa Clarita

3 Steps To Divorce | Santa Clarita

Here at Divorce661 we have broken down the divorce process into 3 digestible steps.  The divorce process can be confusing, difficult and frustrating all at the same time.

If we threw everything at you at once, you would probably throw in the towel.  We have been doing this for some years now and we find that our clients appreciate the fact that we break down the divorce process into three steps.  It makes it much more manageable.

The first step in the divorce process here in Santa Clarita is to file the initial divorce documents so we can get a case number assigned by the court and receive  the papers back and ready to be served.  Part of this first step is to also have the initial divorce forms served on the other party to the divorce.

The next step is to work on the financial disclosures which includes the declaration of disclosure, schedule of assets and debts and income and expense declaration.  We have prepared how to videos on all of these forms if you are attempting the divorce process by yourself.

The third step in preparing the judgment paperwork.  The judgment paperwork essentially documents the terms of the divorce and includes such things as division of assets and debts and any other items you want included in the final divorce judgement.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service in Santa Clarita and specialize in the divorce process.  We serve all the divorce courts in Los Angeles and provide a virtual service which allows us to assist you regardless of your location. You won’t have to come to our office or go to court.  Of course unless you want to.

For more information on our affordable Santa Clarita Divorce service or on the 3 steps to divorce, please give us a call or watch or videos.