Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

Avoid Going To Divorce Court | Santa Clarita Divorce

While there are many reasons why you may have to make a court appearance during your divorce process, there are a couple things you can do to reduce the chances of having to go to court.

I received a call the other day from someone who attempted to complete the divorce on their own.  They completed all the paperwork correctly, or so they thought.  One of the issues with the family law courts, is that there is nobody checking your divorce paperwork along the way.

That means that you can file your paperwork completely wrong and nobody will say a thing.  You can even forget to file certain paperwork or forget to serve paperwork, and again you won’t hear any complaints from the court.

That is until you submit your judgment for review.  You see, when you file a document with the court, the clerks only job is to stamp it and give you a copy.  They do not review your divorce paperwork or check to make sure it is correct.

The first time anyone will review any part of your paperwork is when you file the final judgment for divorce.

I know first hand how it works as I have been the one, on occasion, in the courts reviewing some of the judgments that come in.

We were always able to tell which judgments were filed by those who were not aware of the process and those done by professionals such as legal document assistants.

So how is this article about avoiding court?  Well, back to this person that called.  His judgment and divorce paperwork was done so incorrectly that the court sent him a notice asking him to appear in court.  Why?  Because they thought it would be unlikely that he ever get the paperwork right considering how bad the judgment was put together.

There are other reasons why you would have to go to court.  This may because you filed a True Default divorce case and did not evenly distribute the assets and debts.  This happened to another person I spoke with.

If you are representing yourself it would serve you well to use our professional divorce preparation services.  We have the experience it takes to complete your divorce paperwork correctly and submit your judgment so that it get signed off and you can move on with your life.