What Do Your Own Divorce Means | Santa Clarita

What Do Your Own Divorce Means | Santa Clarita

So what does it really mean to do your own divorce?  There are actually two answers to this questions.

First, there is the paperwork part of the divorce.  The paperwork of a divorce can be confusing and difficult to figure out. What with all the different forms that need to be completed.  And don’t forget about the fact that certain forms need to be served and filed and it all has to be done correctly and in a certain order.

Then there is the part of the divorce where you need to make decisions about certain aspects of the divorce.  This means making informed decisions, exploring options, compromising with your spouse and taking responsibility for your divorce case, all the decisions and what happens in your life.

This means having frequent and detailed discussion with your spouse about the terms of the divorce.  So while the paperwork issue of the divorce has its own challenges, the decision making process comes with its own host of challenges

Doing your own divorce means that you do so without hiring or retaining an attorney.  When you file for divorce, your filing fee pays for the use of the courts facilitators and mediators to help you come to agreements when you need help deciding what to do.

We continue to say that there are only a handful of reasons you truly need a lawyer during a divorce.  First, is to obtain legal advice and the other if to represent you in court.  Other than that, you should be the one making the decision on the terms of your divorce.  This is why we say you should consult with a divorce attorney but not retain them.

When it comes to the paperwork part of the divorce process, that is where a legal document preparation firm such as us can step in.  Don’t let all your hard work of negotiating and compromising with your spouse go to waste by not preparing the divorce paperwork correctly.

We specialize in the divorce process.  Let seasoned divorce specialists step in and prepare your divorce paperwork for you.