What You Need For A Post Judgment Divorce Modification

What You Need For A Post Judgment Divorce Modification

Lately I have been getting several cases where the parties have already been divorced, but where they now want to modify some portion of the agreement.

This could be modifying spousal support, child support or even asking the court to enforce the judgement when the other spouse is not complying with the stipulated agreement or order of the court.

We handle both filing of the request for order as well as those who need to respond to a request for order.  We can even help you file and Ex-Parte motion when an emergency exists.

When you are going to file a post judgment modification, you will need to complete the following forms.

1.  FL- 300, which is the application for order (request for order)

2.  Income and Expense Declaration, if the issues is related to money.

3.  Any other attachments that may be required based on your request.

One thing to remember is that if you are filing a post judgment motion, you need to personally serve the documents on your spouse.  you can’t simply mail them to him or her.

In a case we are working on right now, we are helping the spouse to file a response to a motion.  The husband was upset that the wife did not transfer title out of his name like the divorce judgement said and claimed that the wife was paying late on the vehicle causing his credit to be tarnished.

This was a fairly easy response because the wife had already sold the vehicle which took husband off title.  The wife really should not have even had to file a response if husband would take the motion off calendar, but he refused.

If you need to file a motion, respond to a motion, whether it be post judgment or not, we can help.  We will complete the required forms, help you with your declaration and file and serve all the documents.  All you will have to do is show up in court.

We are a full service divorce document preparation service and are headquartered in Santa Clarita, CA, however we serve all of Los Angeles County.