Who Pays Child Support During Santa Clarita Divorce

Who Pays Child Support During Santa Clarita Divorce

Who ends up paying child support depends a lot on with whom he children spend most of their time.  Generally, the parent with less custodial time will end up paying support to the parent who has more custodial time or who has been considered the custodial parent and be part of the parenting plan of the divorce.

The idea behind child support is that both parents are responsible for the well being of the children.  And if one parent has the children more often than the other, then there are more expenses that need to be met and the other spouse is required to help out.

There are several factors that go into determining who pays child support and how much.  Usually the two factors are time share and how much each of the spouses make.  It is even possible that the spouse with the majority of time share pay child support to the other if their income is significantly higher.

You can play with these two numbers to attempt to determine how much child support may have to be paid.  Changing the amount of time share from 50/50 to 80/20 can have a significant influence on the amount of child support that may need to be paid.  In addition, the income of the parties will help to determine child support.

In some cases the only variable to the amount of support is the time share.  In contested divorce cases, there is generally a disagreement to the amount of time share between the spouses.

One spouse may argue for more time with the children to influence the amount of child support they receive.  The other spouse may also argue the opposite, understanding that the more time they can get, the less in child support they will have to pay.

Issues over child support can get ugly and is one of the top issues of a contested divorce.