Why You Should Not Buy Divorce Forms In California

Why You Should Not Buy Divorce Forms In California

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, don’t buy your divorce forms.  It is completely unnecessary.

Why?  Because the California divorce forms are all available for free from the various County websites. I have even gone as far as to prepare a video on how to find the free fillable California divorce forms.

It frustrates me a little when I receive a call from a new client who says they purchased their divorce paperwork from some online company and now have a stack of divorce paperwork with absolutely no idea how to complete it.

Most of these online forms selling companies are hoping for exactly that.  That you will receive your divorce paperwork in the mail and have no clue how to fill it out.  They want you to call them back up and ask for them to prepare your divorce forms for you.  In fact, if you don’t call them, they will call you to ask if you need assistance filling out your divorce forms.

It should be a crime to sell divorce forms you can get for free to people for several hundred dollars.

I have seen these divorce forms they mail to people.  A box full of divorce forms.  In fact, they mail you every divorce form there is.  Most of which you will never need.

There is a better solution to buying your California divorce forms and attempting to do the paperwork yourself.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in the divorce process.  We don’t just sell you forms.  We will prepare each of the divorce documents and get you entirely through the divorce process.  This includes filing and serving all your documents and keeping your apprised of the next steps and court procedure.

For more information about our specialized divorce service, please give us a call.  We are headquartered in Santa Clarita and serve all the courts in Los Angeles.