Affordable Divorce Service Woodland Hills

Affordable Divorce Service Woodland Hills

We’re talking about our Woodland Hills Affordable Divorce Service today.

So if you live in Woodland Hills area, we want to talk to you about our affordable divorce service.

What we’re trying to do is help people save money on their divorce meaning not having to hire an attorney.

We’re also trying to save people time for those who are thinking of trying to do their divorce on your own.

We’re a flat fee based Divorce Paralegal Firm which means we have flat fee pricing.

We have our pricing right upon our website. We have one off pricing.

So our fees on our page, is the price you pay for the entire divorce case, all the way through it from start to finish.

And that is the single cost to work with both parties. We are a neutral third party and able to work with both spouses through your divorce case.

What we do essentially is everything from beginning to end for your divorce. We’ll take care of filling out the forms.

We’ll go down to the courthouse and file your documents for you. We’ll take care of the service of process.

We’ll also take care of doing all your financial disclosures. The courts require that both parties do an income and expense declaration and a schedule of assets and debts.

That basically lets the parties know this is how much money I make and this is what I know to be our property.

That way you guys can come to an agreement on how you want to divide things up.

Once that’s done you simply let us know who’s going to take what, what the custody arrangements are going to be.

If there’s going to be spousal support and everything that goes into the divorce will be documented on the marital settlement agreement.

We have all the software that the courts and attorneys have so we can help you determine child support numbers and spousal support numbers.

And all of these included in our flat fee pricing. We don’t charge for phone calls, emails.

We don’t charge for photocopies or postage or trips to courts.

All that is included in our pricing and because we are a full service, you can rest easy that you’re not going to have to go down to the courthouse or worry about how to fill out the forms or the process or procedure of getting you through this.

There’s a lot that goes into divorce. You’re going to have a ton of questions.

The people that try and do their own divorce were usually unsuccessful and take years and ended up spending more time and energy and lost wages trying to do their own divorce.

So give us a call. Our prices are very affordable serving the Woodland Hills area.

Tim Blankenship for more information or just give me a call it’s easy.

I’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation. The number is 661-281-0266.