Attorney Referred Divorce Paralegal Firm In Santa Monica, CA

Attorney Referred Divorce Paralegal Firm In Santa Monica, CA

When looking for a divorce paralegal firm in Santa Monica, CA to assist you with your divorce, why not use a divorce paralegal firm who is trusted by attorneys.  We have a great relationship with attorneys and they trust and refer clients to us on a regular basis.

We have become the attorney recommended Paralegal Firm in all of Los Angeles county for that matter.

We’ve actually become the go-to place for Divorce in all of California. We have clients all throughout California and assist people with Divorce.

But specifically in Santa Monica, we have been referred by attorneys in Santa Monica and other law firms throughout Los Angeles area in California.

People are now referring to us where if an attorney is getting a call and then if someone can’t afford their services or if they have had a client that they’ve been helping and then they’ve ran out of money and then no longer can afford attorney, they’re referring that type of business to us.

So we’re getting a lot of attorney referrals for Divorce. People that can’t afford attorney service or ran out of money or maybe don’t just want to spend the money, they’re being referred to us.

And that says something about our business for an attorney who does Divorce too then refer to us to handle either their clients that can no longer afford their services or just refer in general because they don’t want to spend their money or don’t have the money.

We’re glad that attorneys feel comfortable sending their clients or sending people they’ve spoken to and referring them to our Divorce Paralegal Firm.

So I think it says speaks volume for the level of service that we provide. In fact we even have had attorneys call us who don’t necessarily handle Divorces but they do want to get in to Divorce business or start handling Divorce cases and they’re taking our clients and they’re asking us if we’ll handle the paperwork for them.

So you can imagine, and I won’t bring up names but attorneys are taking your money and then they’re calling us having us to do the work or asking us to.

We haven’t decided whether we’re going to do that or not but they’re asking us to prepare the paperwork while they’re collecting the high fees and billing us out at a different rate.

So, no, I don’t think that’s something we’re going to do because our objective is save people money. And that’s not saving people money.

If you don’t need an attorney, you should be coming direct to us. We can have a direct client relationship with you because we’re licensed and bonded to do that stuff for you.

Going through Divorce in Santa Monica or anywhere in California for that matter, Los Angeles area or any county in California, let us help you save some money.

And your attorneys are referring to us anyways might as well come on over and save some money.

Go to our website at, our pricing page is right there, flat fees, affordable. Let me help you out and save you some money.

We are neutral. We work with both parties. So that’s your total cost aside from your court fees.

661-281-0266, you don’t have to come to our office. But we will certainly file in your local court house.