Attorney’s Say Do Your Own Divorce | Santa Clarita

Attorney’s Say Do Your Own Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce

I do a lot of reading about divorce, especially the self help divorce books, books about marriage and the like in order to better understand the process and keep up to date with changing laws, etc.

I also read these books for fodder for my blog articles, such as this one.

That said, every book I read is typically written by a lawyer.  And what I find in these self help divorce type books is that every one of them says that you should do your own divorce and not use an attorney.

The current book I am reading on page 1, chapter one starts off with the heading, “Can you do your own divorce?  Should You?”  Followed by bold capital letters, “YES!  YOU CAN!”

As a legal document preparation firm that specializes in divorce, I find it a bit of fresh air that there are attorneys out there that realize that they are unnecessary in the divorce process in most cases.

It is true that over 60% of California divorces are now done without either side being represented by an attorney.  This saves California divorcing families between 500 million and a billion dollars every year in unnecessary legal fees.

In fact, this book encourages you to do your own divorce.  Reasons given to do your own divorce are that by taking charge of your own divorce case will lead to a smoother, faster, less painful and less expensive divorce experience.

Here is a quote right from the book:

Most people would be better off if they reduced or eliminated their use of attorneys, because the legal process and the way attorneys work in it tends to cause trouble, raise the level of conflict, and greatly increase your expense. (“How to do your own divorce in California” NOLO Press)

There are attorneys out there that are willing to put it in writing that you can and should do your own divorce.  And when you do decided to do your own divorce, you should make sure to use the professional services of a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service like us to make sure you get your divorce documents done correctly so you can move on with your life.

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