California Divorce Attorneys Taking Advantage Of Self Represented Clients 1

California Divorce Attorneys Taking Advantage Of Self Represented Clients 1

We don’t complain very often on video but lately we’ve been representing a lot of clients.

I’m can’t say representing—I can’t use that word representation because we’re not a law firm but we are assisting a lot of clients.

I think that’s a better choice of words. We are assisting a lot of clients who are unrepresented by attorneys.

Most cannot afford an attorney or don’t want to spend a money on attorney and where the other party has an attorney.

So what we’re seeing is that the attorneys, because they are unrepresented, our clients are unrepresented they are being taken advantage of by attorneys.

What we’re seeing is attorneys are doing things that they would never do, if the client we’re representing or the client we’re assisting were represented by an attorney.

Now I’ll give you an example. We think that attorneys are going to do the right thing and that we’re talking about Family Law here.

So we think that the parties involved and the children involve would be the priority of the attorneys. It’s just not.

They are I shouldn’t say all of them but the attorneys lately we’re talking about have been all about playing games, being deceitful and trying to do a trip up of all the clients that we’re assisting.

I’ll give you an example. We file the motion, served it on the attorney.

Everything was done correctly and they found a little loophole with which to file an objection.

Now they didn’t file the objection in advance. They didn’t call our client and say, ‘Hey we were going to file an objection.’ Or ‘Hey you did this wrong.’ or anything like that.

What they did they waited till three days before the hearing, filed the objection and said, ‘Oh by the way you’re going to have to redo this.’

So and we scrambled and we got that corrected but the objection they filed would have never done this.

They would have never treated another attorney this way and pulled this type of stunt.

So we started to see a lot of these different things. And we start calling people out on it because its your attorneys—I’m sorry but all of you, you’ve earned that reputation.

You all knew those jokes about attorneys and you guys have some of you have definitely earned the reputation. specializing and assisting litigants who do have an attorney, we can help you navigate your divorce.

We can help you navigate through the court system if you are going through legal proceedings in Family Law arena. 661-281-0266.