California Divorce | How To Complete Property Order For Judgment FL 345

California Divorce | How To Complete Property Order For Judgment FL 345

Today we are going to talk about how you properly complete the judgment document as relates to your property.

This is the FL-345 and this is the document which will be part of your judgment if you have property. In fact, even if you don’t have property you still want to attach the FL-345 property judgment or property order rather because you want to show the court that there is no property.

We’ve had judgments rejected because despite there being no property, they still wanted there to be a property order to show that there’s no property being divided.

Let’s get into the form a little bit. If you’ll notice at the top it starts off with the community property and then on page two, there’s the separate property.

And that’s important because you need to list the property correctly if its community, meaning, something that is during the marriage that is being divided that’s going to go to the community section and you’ll notice there’s a part for community properties to the petitioner and community properties to the respondent and the same goes for the separate property on the other page.

Specifically regarding the property there’s a certain way the court in California wants you to list the property, so I’m going to go over a couple of these issues that you’ll have if you don’t do this.

Number one, for vehicles, you need the year make, model and licensed plate of the vehicle or the van. If you don’t identify the vehicle that way, they’re going to reject your judgment.

Number two, property, any real property, homes, that you list. You need to have legal description. So you need to pull the deed, there will be a page that show a legal description. It’s a couple of lines, map, partial number and so on.

Make sure you list the address, followed by the legal description. Bank accounts, credited cards, 401 case. Any type of account, you have to have a number listed. So if you have an investment, fidelity, number one, two, three, four.

You don’t want to put the entire account number because it is potentially a public record. You just want to list the last four digits.

401 case, last four digits. Bank accounts, credit cards, anything you’re listing that needs to be identified to the best of your ability. For as an account number, put it, but just put the last four digits.

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