California Divorce Stories Series

California Divorce Stories Series

If you’ve been through our website or to our blogs or our podcasts or YouTube channel, you’ll know that we have tons and tons of information and content in variety of formats talking about Divorce, talking about Divorce cases, talking about how to fill out the forms.

And recently we’ve had quite a few requests from our YouTube channel of folks asking us to tell more stories, more things that we see on a daily basis because they are starting to relate when I’ll be talking about a Divorce on a particular situation.

They want to identify with that situation or they want to watch and hear different stories and things that we’ve seen because we’re handling so many Divorce cases just with our little Paralegal Firm here in California doing 30-40-sometimes 50 Divorce cases a month.

We see a lot of scenarios and people have asked us to start discussing some of the things we’ve seen and some of the things we’re doing in those particular circumstances.

So we’re going to create a separate section on our YouTube channel.

It will be something called something to the effect of stories about Divorce or something like that, so, you can go there and find that specific section if you’re looking to find information about some of the things we see, things people are going through and things like that.

We’ll be careful not to give all the details as to that person might not know what we’re talking about.  We would never do that of course.

We never want to and definitely want to keep everything confidential.

But the other websites and shows on YouTube that talks about stories like Divorce, court and things like that are very popular.

And we just want to offer some additional information because we know that we see similar circumstances all the time.

Obviously, the parties are different but a lot of similar situations, so, I know if we start discussing this people will pick this up on YouTube and start watching and probably identify with some of these issues.

And then by watching it you’ll be able to see how we handled it and what we did to rectify the situations.

So check out this area of our YouTube channel. We’ll have a totally separate section just for these stories and things we see folks going through and how we handle them and Divorce.

Tim Blankenship with, if you need assistance with your Divorce, please feel free to give us a call at 661-281-0266.