California Divorce – When Is It Time To Contact A Realtor

California Divorce – When Is It Time To Contact A Realtor

Tim: So one of the things I want to talk about today was the options people have when how to deal with their property when they’re going through Divorce.

What are their options and what are the plus and minuses of each? But the first thing, I want to talk about is consulting with the real estate agent.

That should probably something that is done early on in the process, right? Kind of get this information about a written agreement that’s fine they even know.

That’s great coming to an agreement and coming to the terms on appraisal or even deciding on an agent to use.

Connor: It’s funny a bankruptcy attorney said something really valuable when I was speaking with him and we just came out of this speed foreclosure short sale market.

And I asked him, I said, ‘So when should somebody call you like in your Paralegal Services with Divorce the same answer is going to apply, same with the Real Estate Agent, when should they call you?’

He said, ‘At the very first sleepless night. Whatever it is Divorce, Bankruptcy, issue with the house or the kids, that’s when they should first contact me.’

So at the very beginning whenever you’re just speaking about Divorce that first sleepless night they should be making a few phone calls, talking to the Paralegal to get the Divorce started if in fact that’s what they decide.

And at least sitting down with an agent and getting a game plan together, so, they can explain to you how the process is going to play out.

We’re not there at that initial meeting to sign.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: And a lot of times couples don’t want to be together. That’s another thing that should be asked by a Real Estate Agent because some of them they get together.

And it’s like throwing a chlorine and oil. I mean the thing just goes nuts and boils up and everything else.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: But yes, if that first sleepless is when they should at least one of the parties.

Tim: So early on the process is about where to go?

Connor: And then it’s going to be. And another thing too Tim, is it’s not going to be a fast process because in that particular point they haven’t even decided.

Tim: Right!

Connor: And I would say probably 70% or 80% of that point aren’t even going to go with it, at least within the next year.

And there’s going to be periods of working that out and going to this sort of this honeymoon stage.

Tim: No!

Connor: Now we’re back in the same crap that we were before and he promised to change or she promised and so on.

Tim: Yes!