California Divorce – Should You Use 2 Realtors To Sell Your Home

California Divorce – Should You Use 2 Realtors To Sell Your Home

Connor: Everybody has to adhere to it.

Tim: I even heard of each spouse having a separate realtor. Have you heard of that?

Connor: I have.

Tim: It sounds like a nightmare.

Connor: It comes up. And again now you have and it makes a lot of sense in some cases depending on the relationships and how easy the break apart is going to be.

But yes, we encounter that where the Mrs. is going to have their own agent of representing them. And then the Mr. is going to have their own agent representing them.

And that now you have more chefs in the kitchen. It really creates a lot of drama which brings me to something important.

You need to find out the source. If you’re being referred to an agent, if you’re in the middle of the Divorce, you’ve been referred to by an agent and that agent is telling you and they’ll say, ‘Okay, this is the person that we need to use.’

I would ask straight up the person that I am divorcing from, I would say ‘Well, what’s your relationship with this person?’ because everybody is always concerned with somebody making more money.

If there’s a $150,000 profit after everything is finished in the Divorce, each spouse is always thinking at the back of their mind ‘I hope my Mr. isn’t taking me for granted.’ or ‘My Mrs.—‘  because typically it’ll all comes down to money, I’m sure.

Tim: Usually with anything I mean money the spousal support, child support and all usually it has something to do with money.