Canyon Country Divorce Legal Service

Canyon Country Divorce Legal Service

We are Santa Clarita’s only licensed and bonded legal document preparation company that specializes in providing a fixed fee divorce solution.

We are licensed and bonded by the County of Los Angeles to provide direct to consumer divorce legal services.  This simply means that you have another option to hiring an attorney.

Watch the below video for more information on our Canyon Country Divorce Legal Service.

Many people who contact us are thrilled at the service provide.  In fact, many indicate that they were looking for a divorce attorney when they discovered our divorce service.  People tell us that they just were not aware that a service such this existed in the Santa clarita Valley.  When they hear how about our fixed pricing as opposed to the high hourly rate attorney’s charge, they are even more thrilled.

We help save you money because we are not here to take advantage of your emotions and push you to spend money going to court and fighting it out in court.  We are a neutral third party who is familiar with the divorce forms and process and can help you navigate the tricky divorce process.

Our Canyon Country divorce legal service makes the divorce process very smooth.  We have a detailed plan of action that will make very clear what the procedural steps to divorce are and will complete and file your divorce forms with the court.  We offer a specialized divorce service which makes the process understandable.

When you are considering getting a divorce, make sure to think about the financial ramifications that can come of it.  Hiring a divorce attorney is very expensive.  In our experience, most folks could do without hiring a divorce attorney.  In many cases they do exactly what our Canyon Country divorce legal service will do for you.

We just do it for a fraction of the cost.

For more information about our Canyon Country divorce legal service please give us a call and discovery why we are the number one divorce legal document preparation service in Los Angeles County.