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Child Support Services Cases 

Child support services cases are completely different than cases filed with the County.  For instance, if you spouse files a case with child support services and you go through child support services, this has nothing to do with any cases filed with the county.

Let’s say your spouse goes to child support services and files a complaint for child support.  Let’s assume for arguments sake, that you were unmarried and had a child together and mom wants to get obtain child support.  Even though this process will run it’s course, it has nothing to do with any paternity case that may be filed with the County.

What this means is that if you have a child support services case and you want to file a paternity case, you would have to do that with the family law court, not with child support services.  And while child support services may have a case number assigned, the County would need to issue their own case number.  That means that you would have to start from scratch if you wanted to file a paternity action.

You may be surprised to know that even though you just went through the child support services case, if you wanted to file a motion regarding paternity, you would have to pay the initial filing fee.  The initial filing fee may be could be for a paternity action or you if you wanted to get some orders from the court, you could start off by filing a request for orders regarding child support and child custody.

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