Clients Impressed With Online Divorce Service

Clients Impressed With Online Divorce Service

Today was a busy day in the divorce legal service industry despite being Veterans Day, which by the way I am proud to say I am one.  Having served in the Marine Corps many moons ago, I look back and it is hard to believe how much time has passed since Desert Storm.

In any case, today was a perfect example of how our 100% online divorce service works.  I met with a new client online using GoToMeeting which allows me to share my computer screens so the client on the other end can see what I am doing.  Doing this serves many purposes.

First, It is much like meeting in person, but much more convenient for my clients.  This new client of mine had never been on a GoToMeeting type system and was immediately impressed that she could see my screens.

Prior to our meeting starting, I had spent some time getting some of the divorce forms ready by filling out the Caption portion of the forms.  The caption is just the top part of the divorce paperwork where indicate your name, address and phone number and indicate if you are represented by an attorney or representing yourself.  It also includes the boilerplate information such as the court address and the names of the Petitioner and Respondent.  I try to get these done before meeting with my clients, because it can take quite a bit of time to type this information, especially when you are talking about filing a new divorce case.

We spent just over 2 hours preparing the initial divorce paperwork along with a Motion called a Request For Order.  This Request For Order (RFO) was for child support, child custody and child visitation.  And because we were filing a motion, we also had to complete the income and expense declaration as any time you file a motion that has to do with money, you need to complete an income and expense declaration.

Once the divorce forms were all completed, we went through one last time and I had the client verify all the information was correct.  Once that was done, I emailed the completed forms so she could sign them and send them back to me.  Once I receive them back, I will be filing them with the San Fernando Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court

Today’s activity was a perfect example of why our online divorce service is so effective.  I have yet to have anyone not working with me online to complete their divorce forms.  In fact, most have been impressed. Others who are unfamiliar with screen sharing and other online technology are generally surprised and say how easy it was to complete their divorce online with our divorce legal document preparation service.

You can always call us to get more information about our legal document preparation service.  We specialize in divorce and provide a 100% online divorce solution.  We maintain this model in an effort to keep our costs down so we can pass those savings on to our customers.

We are located in Santa Clarita, Ca and through our online divorce solution are able to serve all the Courts in Los Angeles County.