Online Divorce Service In Santa Clarita

Online Divorce Service In Santa Clarita

I talk frequently about the fact that my divorce service in Santa Clarita is done completely online.  I do this mostly to inform the public that they can get through the divorce process with my service, never having to come to my office.   This is a good thing, because I don’t have an office.

When I started this business, I committed myself to providing an affordable legal divorce service.  To do this means that I needed to find a way to keep my costs down.  There was just no other way to provide an affordable divorce service and have to pay $1,000’s a month in office rent.  To me, that is like throwing money out the window.

Now, I know there are folks out there that will never come around to the whole virtual thing.  Some people are fixated on the “brick and mortar” fixed office.

I will tell you what though, ever time I am tempted to lease an office, I just have to look at all the available office space, offices that have closed and shops that have went out of business to remind me that this is not the best idea.  Leasing and office would mean I would have to raise my prices just to keep my office paid for.

Being virtual has it drawbacks.  I am sure there are people who are wary about working with me because they can’t park their car in front of a building.  But I have come to terms with losing those clients who need a brick and mortar business.

100% of my marketing is done online, by me, through my multiple blogs.  I don’t do any offline, print or paid advertising.  So I figure that if you found me online, you are apt enough to understand technology and the benefits of a company to provide a virtual service.

For those customers I may lose due to my online divorce solution, I am able to grab business much further out than I would with a fixed facility.  In fact, I have helped clients as far away as San Diego to complete their divorce.

I believe in the long run, my decision to remain an online “virtual” divorce solution in Santa Clarita will prove to be a more sustainable model.

Additionally, as time passes and our culture becomes more and more accepting of virtual offices, I will most likely be leading the way.  At least as it pertains to divorce and the legal industry.

Please give us a call for more information about our affordable online “virtual” divorce service.  We are headquartered in Santa Clarita and serve all of the Courts in Los Angeles.