Confused About The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita Divorce

Confused About The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita Divorce

You are not alone if you are confused about the divorce process in California.  I speak to folks day in and day out about the divorce process, forms and procedure.

The courts do a good job of having so many forms and processes that it makes it almost impossible for someone not in the legal industry to understand.  It is not so confusing that you can’t eventually figure it out, but you will certainly have doubts and spend a vast amount of time in the process.

Folks call us all the time confused about some aspect of the the divorce process.  It could be because they were just trying to file for divorce and were not sure which box to check.  Sometimes they made it all the way through (so they thought) only to have their entire divorce package rejected after spending months thinking they had done everything correctly.

I have spoke to people who have spent more than a year trying to get divorced and were ready to give up before calling us.  Some had given up and only sought help because they were in a new relationship and the new mate was pushing for them to finish their divorce.

Don’t let the confusion over the divorce process stop you.  That is what we are here for.  We can simply pick up where you left off or help to get your divorce started if you have not yet begun.

We have been helping folks through the divorce process in California for several years now.  We make it simple and remove all the confusion by explaining every step of the divorce process, tell you why each form is necessary and how to use the courts free services when you need additional assistance.

Give us a call for a free consultation over the phone.  We know once you speak to us you will have a good understanding of how we can get you through your divorce.