Divorce For Less In Santa Clarita

Divorce For Less In Santa Clarita

Did you know that if you walk into a divorce attorney’s office for a divorce that you will have to pay at least $5,000 just to get started?  This does not matter if your divorce will be contested or uncontested.

The reason behind this initial deposit amount, also known as a retainer, is just to give the law firm something to start with to get you going.  This is not the total amount of your divorce, this is just to get started!

There is really no reason to use a divorce attorney for your divorce unless you know you are going to trial.  The Courts and other attorneys have written articles that indicate that hiring an attorney will only complicate the divorce process resulting in an uncontested case turning into a contested one.

There is a better way to get through the divorce process.  It is by using our legal document preparation service.  We specialize in the divorce process and can complete your divorce for one affordable flat fee.

Our clients have been thrilled with our affordable divorce service.  Most have come to us after spending thousands of dollars on attorneys and becoming frustrated with the process where they feel the attorneys are acting on their own behalf rather than for them.

That does not happen with us, because we are a neutral third party whose only objective is to get the paperwork done.  It does us no good to “stir the pot” as it only makes our job more difficult.  We are not here to give you legal advice, thus can help both spouses complete the divorce paperwork.

If you are looking for a better option to get divorced than hiring an expensive law firm, give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss how our divorce service works and talk to you about your specific issues.