Divorce Forms Can Be Difficult | Santa Clarita Divorce

Divorce Forms Can Be Difficult | Santa Clarita Divorce

If you are considering getting a divorce or have already started the process on your own, you should know that the divorce forms can be difficult.  They don’t outright appear difficult at first, but you have to watch out for the hidden areas where you can make a mistake.  And you won’t even know that you did.

The divorce forms are difficult because many of them are used for more than one purpose and have numerous check boxes for questions that leave you wondering if you should only check off one or if more than one apply.  This is why it important to use a professional divorce document preparation service such as ours.

We have been ripe with calls from frustrated couples who have attempted to complete their divorce paperwork themselves, only to learn later on that they did them completely wrong.

The difficulty with the divorce forms is that nobody tells you if you are doing them correct or not.  Sure you filled out the forms and sent them to the court and they filed them.  “Great”, you think, “I must have done it right”.  Wrong!  The court does not look at the forms you file during your divorce.  You can fill out your divorce paperwork completely wrong and file it with the court and they will stamp it and not say a word.  This is because it is not the court clerks job to review your divorce paperwork.

So you go through the entire divorce process thinking you did everything right.  Then you prepare and submit your final divorce judgment paperwork and three months later you get everything back in the mail with a rejection letter explaining everything that you did wrong.  Don’t feel bad, this happens to just about everyone and most people multiple times.

What you are left doing is trying to fix all the things you did wrong on the divorce paperwork from the time you started up and including the final judgment paperwork.  Sometimes it is a problem with the final judgment paperwork itself and other times it is something you did wrong with the previously filed divorce forms.

We recommend you use our professional divorce document preparation service from the very beginning.  It will save you much time and frustration.  But, if you have already started or nearly done and hitting roadblocks, we can pick up where you left off and figure out what needs to be done to complete your divorce.