Do You Need A Spousal Support Order | Santa Clarita

Do You Need A Spousal Support Order | Santa Clarita

One of the services we provide is helping clients either file a motion for spousal support or respond to a request for order for spousal support.  We have been very successful in preparing motions for spousal support and helping our clients get to court quickly.

We have helped hundreds of clients file a motion (Request For Order) for spousal support.  We prepare the entire motion which includes the application, declaration and attaching exhibits.

Lets talk about these in more detail.

The request for order is also known as an application.  The motion can be used for requesting orders for just about anything.  Here, we are discussing how to complete the request for order for spousal support.

On the request for order itself, we will complete all the necessary check boxes and fill in the necessary information correctly to make sure your request for order is not rejected.

The next thing we will help you do it to prepare any additional documentation that is required.  For instance, many people do not know that whenever you make a request for order that has to do with money (spousal support) you also have to include an income and expense declaration.  We will also help you to correctly prepare the income and expense declaration that gets filed with the motion.

The next thing we will help you do is draft your declaration.  This is where you tell your side of the story to convince the judge to make an order that you are requesting.  We will have you tell us the facts and then we will personally draft your declaration on the proper pleading paperwork to make it very professional.

When you prepare a declaration it is a good idea to back up your facts by using exhibits.  Exhibits are simply copies of things you would like the court  to see.  For instance, if you say your spouse makes a certain amount of money and you have proof, you should attache that proof as an exhibit.  We will help you do this.

When we are done with your motion for spousal support, you will have a completed motion, declaration along with any necessary exhibits.  We will then personally file  your motion and get you a court date.  In circumstance that require mediation prior to the hearing, we will also set that up.

Please give us a call if you need assistance preparing a motion for spousal support.  We can help you prepare a motion for spousal support during the divorce proceeding or after you have been divorced (post judgment).

Filing a motion for spousal support can be confusing.  Let the experts help you.