Don’t Break The Bank Getting Divorced | Santa Clarita

Don’t Break The Bank Getting Divorced | Santa Clarita

We often comment on the costs of divorce and honestly feel that folks should not spend their savings or go into debt to get divorced.

That is why we started our divorce document preparation service in Santa Clarita in the first place.

You see, we have worked at the major law firms in and around Los Angeles and saw first hand how people could blow through money, and in most cases pile on debt.  This is not necessary.

I think the major reason people came to the law firm I worked at, is because they did not know there was any other way to get through the divorce process.  It has been ingrained in many people to first turn to attorneys for help with divorce when attorneys should be a last resort.

There are many options prior to having to hire an attorney for your divorce that are much more cost effective.  Services like ours that provide legal document preparation is by far the most affordable way to go.  And as more people learn of our services, more people are using us in lieu of hiring an attorney.

There are other options as well.  Sometimes, when we are working with our clients, they will need additional assistance in coming up with an agreement.  We will usually refer them to the courts free services, but where this is not appropriate, we will refer them to a local divorce mediation service.  Here, people can get assistance from an attorney who is not representing either one of you, but who will explain the law as a neutral third party to help the spouses come to an agreement.

Getting divorced does not have to be a major expense.  Our company and divorce service is proof of that.  We have many hundreds of clients