Don’t Forget The Family Law Case Cover Sheet When Filing For Divorce

Don’t Forget The Family Law Case Cover Sheet When Filing For Divorce

If you are filing for divorce in Los Angeles County, you need to be aware of some of the local forms that are required only for LA County.  Specifically, the Family Law Case Cover Sheet form FAM-020.

The family law case cover sheet is a local form that is used in Los Angeles County.  It is a certificate of grounds for assignment to a district court which asks you to chose an applicable reason for choosing the district court in which you are filing your divorce papers.

Essentially, the Family Law Case Cover Sheet is used to help the court determine jurisdiction for your case.  More simply stated, they want to make sure you are in the right court.

There is very little information that you actually have to fill out.  The first section asks for the address of the Petitioner and Respondent in the divorce case.  The address is what the courts use to determine what court you should file your case in.  The courts use boundaries that establish which branch court you can file in.

The next section asks if there are any minor children involved in the  case.  If you mark “yes”, then they know to look for the additional divorce paperwork related to children when you are completing your initial filing.

The next step asks you to indicate the type of action you are filing.  In the case of divorce, you will chose the first action which says Dissolution of Marriage.  Then you have to give an applicable reason why you are choosing this particular branch court.  If you are filing in a Branch court, which is anywhere other than Central District) you can simply circle reason 2 indicating that you live within the boundaries of the district.

The last section you will complete is section 4.  All you have to do here is list the name of the district court you are filing in.  For instance, if you are filing in the San Fernando District Court, you would write, North Valley as that is the name of the court.  You can find the district names of the courts on the court websites.

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