Getting Divorced After Long Term Separation | Santa Clarita Divorce

Getting Divorced After Long Term Separation | Santa Clarita Divorce

I had two calls today from folks looking to finish their divorce.  One couple had been separated and living apart for over 10 years.  They were finally ready to move on with their lives and decided it was time to close this chapter in their lives when they wanted to remarry.

On another note, some folks simply don’t officially divorce due to money contraints.

If you have been separated for some time and are in a relationship that you think might turn to marriage, this would be a good time to finish your divorce.  The divorce process takes time, so make sure to get started on your divorce before you set a wedding date.

I have had one instance where we were under the gun to complete the divorce before the wedding date.  Not a good place to be.  Thinking of finishing your divorce when you should be focusing on your new bride.

There are lot’s of reasons that people don’t start or finish their divorce.  Divorce is not something that is pleasant to have to confront and sometimes it is just easier to forget and hope it goes away.  Unfortunately it doesn’t.

The other call I took today was a little different.  The clients started their divorce over 20 years ago.  They hired attorneys and went to court and  everthing.  They were under the impression that their divorce was finalized.

When one of the spouses went to submit their paperwork for their retirement, the employer advised them that they needed a copy of the divorce decree.

When the spouse went to the court to get the divorce judgment paperwork, they were advised that the divorce had not been finished.  What’s worse is because the case was so old it had been archived and they will most likely have to start the entire divorce process over.

Whats even worse than that is that one of the spouses had already re-married… And legally is not divorced.

These types of things can happen when you attempt to go through the divorce process on your own.  Divorce is confusing and stressful and mistakes can happen.

Please give us a call for help with your Santa Clarita divorce.  We can help you navigate the divorce process and pick up where you left off if you started your divorce already or have had a long period of separation.