We Help Prepare Pension Division QDRO in California For Divorce

We Help Prepare Pension Division QDRO in California For Divorce

Today we’re talking about California divorce and specifically QDRO’s it stands for Qualified Domestic Relation Order.

And what this is, is that you may need, if you have a pension or annuity or 401 case, some of these companies require you to divide up this property if says community property and you’re going through divorce and you want to divide up a pension.

Then, some of these pension companies, 401 case or annuities require you to divide it by a legal instrument called QDRO.

If you need assistance with the QDRO, this is a service that we perform and we can do this pretty much anywhere in California because the pension companies we have to deal directly with them.

So I just wanted to get this quick video out there and let you know that we can help you with QDRO’s.

We do them on a case by case basis.  Just give us a call let us know who the QDRO company is and we will be able to give you a call, let you know what the costs would be in doing so in preparation for the QDRO which basically is just contacting the QDRO company.

Finding out how long your marriage is and there is obviously some other things that are involved with that in determining what the percentage of pension the pension firms find suitable based on the length of marriage and some other factors.

And then, we can draft up the appropriate QDRO paperwork for the division of that specific asset.

Give us a call if you have questions about QDRO’s or dividing pensions, we can do that service for you anywhere in California. Please give me a call at 661-281-0266