How Do I Prepare Contested Divorce Judgment | Santa Clarita

How Do I Prepare Contested Divorce Judgment | Santa Clarita

If you have gone through the divorce process and your divorce was considered to be a contested divorce there will be specific contested divorce judgment paperwork you will have to submit.

If your divorce was contested that means usually that a trial was held and that the respondent filed a response.  When this occurs there are specific forms that need to be filed.

In all divorce judgments, many of the divorce documents will be the same, however in a contested divorce there will be some additional documents you will need to submit to the court when preparing your final divorce paperwork.

It is important to remember that if you are representing yourself, one of the parties will be advised to prepare the divorce judgment.  This means that the judge will make specific orders during the trial and you will have to write those orders down on the judgment.

The party who does not prepare the divorce judgment will have to sign the final judgement to approve it as to “form and content”.  This means that you agree to the language in the final judgment and that the language used is correct and as the judge ordered.

If there is ever a dispute as to the orders made by the judge you can always order a copy of the transcript.  This can be costly, but may be necessary to clear up any disagreements between the parties.

If the parties can still not come to an agreement, you can always file the judgment along with the trial transcript and let the judge have the final say as to what the language should be in the divorce judgment paperwork.

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