How Do I Prepare Uncontested “Hybrid” Judgment | Santa Clarita

How Do I Prepare Uncontested “Hybrid” Judgment | Santa Clarita

When you file for divorce and go through the divorce process, you  eventually have to prepare a final judgment.  The final judgment wraps up all your agreements into a single document.

In the cases that proceed in an uncontested matter and where the other party does not respond but enters into a written agreement, you can prepare a Hybrid divorce judgment.

The Hybrid divorce judgment has some specific forms you will need to file.  In the video above, we go into detail on what forms are needed to file a uncontested Hybrid divorce judgment.

The difference between the true default divorce judgment and the hybrid is that with the hybrid divorce, the other party has to complete and file their financial disclosures, namely their income and expense declaration and schedule of assets and debts.  Additionally, the non-responding spouse will need to sign the final divorce judgment paperwork.

We will show you the Courts hybrid- uncontested divorce judgment checklist which you can use to check off the documents that you need to submit to the court.  We routinely use the judgment checklist on all the judgments we submit to the courts.  There are so many forms necessary to submit when preparing the divorce paperwork, that it is good to use the checklist.  

It also helps the court to submit the checklist so they can also verify that you submitted all the correct paperwork. Because each of the checklists indicate which type of divorce judgment you are preparing, you reduce the chances of having the uncontested divorce judgment rejected by the court.

It is also important to remember that when representing yourself during the divorce, that both parties will need to sign the divorce judgment and have their signatures notarized, otherwise the court will reject the judgment.

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