How To Finalize Your Santa Clarita Uncontested Divorce

How To Finalize Your Santa Clarita Uncontested Divorce

If you are wondering how to finalize your Santa Clarita uncontested divorce, that means that you have filed for divorce, submitted and completed all the require forms, served them correctly and have negotiated the terms of your divorce with your spouse.

Now comes the hard part.  You see, with the California Courts, up to this point in your uncontested divorce, nobody has reviewed any of the divorce forms you have filed with the court.  It is not up to the filing clerk to review your divorce paperwork for accuracy.  In fact they are advised against giving any legal advice or how to prepare your forms at all.  It is just their job to file the form.

The issue that this creates is that you get a false sense of security.  They allow you to believe that you have done everything right up to this point.

Unfortunately, only when you finalize your divorce paperwork and submit it for review, is the first time anyone is checking to make sure you did things right.

There are two major issues that arise here.  First, completing the final divorce paperwork can be some of the most challenging to complete.  Forget to mark just one box and the Court will quickly reject your judgment and send it back to you.  Mess is up more than once and you can expect them to set a hearing to have you appear and explain.

The second issue is that this is the first time all your paperwork is being reviewed.  So not only are they looking at your final divorce paperwork, but  they are also reviewing all the divorce forms you submitted along the way.

Of court we recommend using our professional divorce service to prepare your divorce documents.  But if you are going it alone, make sure to read and watch our video on how to prepare the final judgment divorce forms.