How To Find The Right Santa Clarita Divorce Lawyer

While we encourage those to represent themselves during their divorce and go through an amicable uncontested divorce in Santa Clarita, there may be times when you absolutely must hire an attorney.

If you spouse goes out and hires an attorney to represent them for their divorce, it leaves you with little option.  However, just because you need to hire and attorney to represent you duirng your divorce, does not mean that you need to get a pit bull lawyer.  Even when you are looking for an attorney, you should take the high road during your divorce.

When you hire and attorney, you should look for someone who will not only represent your best interests aggressivly, but who is also able to work hard to settle the case as well to try and keep it from going to court.

When looking for a laywer, try the following:

  • Try to find a lawyer who will represent your interests. Whether your intention to be to try an settle or to battle it out in court
  • Ask friends and family who have been divorced and ask for a referral.  Ask what they liked and did not like
  • You should consult with more than one attorney to see who you mesh best with
  • Check the Los Angleles County Bar Websites for complaints
  • Call an attorney referral service for a referral to a divorce attorney in your town
  • Check review websites such as Google and Yelp
  • A personal referral is probably best, but there is always the good old Google search if your in a pinch.

Possible Warning Signs:

  • The attorney tells you that you can get whatever you want if you just fight hard enough
  • An attorney with a bad reputation in the community
  • An attorney that is a general practitioner and does not specialize in family law
  • Complaints on his or her record

We will be the last people to tell someone not to get legal advice.  In fact when working with our clients, whenever the conversation and questions start to run into legal questions we will inform them that in order to make an informed decision it would be best to get a consultation with an attorney to answer their questions.

By using our legal document preparation service and consulting a divorce attorney when you have a legal question, you can get both legal advice and a cost effective way of getting through your divorce.