Take The High Road During Divorce | Santa Clarita

Take The High Road During Divorce | Santa Clarita

Whenever I speak to new clients, I make sure to tell them that it is all about give and take.  And you are going to feel that you are giving more than you are taking.  But just so you know, your spouse feels exactly the same way.

There is no winner when it comes to divorce.  Even if you technically come out on top, you have not “won” anything.  Divorce is ugly no matter what happens.

You will be faced with making all sorts of decisions throughout the divorce process.  And each time you have to make a choice you are going to have to either give in a little or hold your ground on a particular issue.

In the long term, the best thing you can do for your family and yourself is to try to compromise at every turn.  If you have children, think of what the best decision is for them as opposed to what the best decision is for you.

Whatever you do, try not to make things worse or make turn a simple issue into a major conflict.  Will this be hard, of course it will be.

In the end, everyone wins when you compromise.  Compromise means that you spend on less on legal fees.  Work hard and possibly you won’t have any legal fees.

Turn the divorce into a major conflict and you will certainly be reeling for years trying to pay for all your attorney fees.  Taking the high road can help prevent all that and leave you in a better state when the divorce is over and done.

Try and think of your decisions from the perspective of a third party.  You know how easy it is and how simple other peoples problems seem to solve, right?

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